Symposium – 10 July 2020


Baroness Kramer

Baroness Kramer is a Liberal Democrat Peer. She was MP for Richmond Park from 2005-2010 and appointed Minister of State for Transport 2013-2015. She was a member of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards 2012-2013 and is Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Whistleblowing.

Kevin Hollinrake MP

Kevin Hollinrake, has been the MP for Thirsk and Malton since 2015, before which he was the founder of Hunters Estate Agents. In parliament, he has served as the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Michael Gove, when the latter was Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; and is currently the Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking, and a Vice-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Whistleblowing.

Prof Emanuela Ceva

Professor Ceva Professor of Political Theory at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Geneva. Her research covers everything from theories of justice and value conflict, political corruption and the treatment of minorities in democracies. She is widely published in applied, political, economic and social philosophy politics and is the author of the book Interactive Justice (Routledge 2016), co-author of Is Whistleblowing a Duty? (which was published in 2018) and is currently co-writing a book with Maria Paola Ferretti on Political Corruption.

Dr Lorenzo Pasculli

Lorenzo (PhD, FRSA) is Associate Head of Coventry Law School for Research and an Associate of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity at Coventry University. He is also a Visiting Professor at Nebrija University Madrid (Spain). His current research focuses on corruption and other globalised forms of criminality. He has authored numerous publications.

James Killen

James Killen is a third year PhD candidate at York Law School at the University of York, where he also read an LLM in International Human Rights Law and Practice. Before this, he was a Captain in the Army Medical Services working as a mental health clinician running mental health units, treating psychological trauma, and on regimental duty. He served all over the UK, Germany and deployed as the officer-in-charge of the mental health team in Afghanistan. His PhD research looks at the mental health of human rights defenders who are persecuted by their governments.

Ian Foxley

Ian Foxley is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and the Founding Chairman of WhistleblowersUK. He is now researching his PhD at the Centre for Applied Human Rights in the University of York, on the topic of ‘The Whistleblower Dilemma: Why don’t more good people speak up about bad things?’, using the case study of corruption in the SANGCOM Project where he was the whistleblower. He is currently writing his thesis whilst editing his latest manuscript (The Devil’s Excrement) about the SANGCOM Affair and the whistleblowing experience.

Zoë Porter

Zoë Porter started her PhD in the Department of Philosophy at the University of York in 2017. Her research concerns AI and moral responsibility, and she has published in Artificial Intelligence journal and The Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Zoë was previously Chief Speechwriter at the Equality and Human Rights Commission.


Time (all times are UK local)EventLead / Speaker
0900Zoom Waiting Room opens
0905Administration and technical housekeepingZoe Porter
0910WelcomeIan Foxley
Parliamentary Speakers
0915Introductory remarksBaroness Kramer
0925Whistleblowers go where regulators cannot reachKevin Hollinrake MP
0940Q&A sessionJames Killen
Academic Keynote Talk
0950Whistleblowing as an answerability practiceProfessor Emanuela Ceva
1015Q&A sessionJames Killen
Symposium Papers
1045Corporate Ethos and Whistleblowing: Whistles Unblown, Whistles UnheardDr Lorenzo Pasculli
1100Q&A sessionZoe Porter
1115Moral Injury as an unspoken element of whistleblowingJames Killen
1130Q&AZoe Porter
1145The Whistleblower Dilemma: why don’t more good people speak up about bad things?
1200Q&AZoe Porter
1230Expert Panel – Baroness Kramer, John Blenkinsopp Laura Fatah, Marianna Fotaki, Kate Kenny, Lorenzo Pasculli, Iain MunroIan Foxley
1315Open DiscussionIan Foxley
1355Closing remarksIan Foxley
1400Event ends

Expert panel members

Prof Iain Munro

Iain Munro is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at Newcastle University. He undertakes research in the field of whistleblowing, information warfare and business ethics.

Prof John Blenkinsopp

John Blenkinsopp is Professor of Work & Organisational Psychology, and co-convenor of the Sustainable Working Futures (SWiFt) research group at Northumbria University. He has published extensively on whistleblowing, looking at cross-cultural differences, and also the particular issues of whistleblowing in health and social care.

Laura Fatah

Laura Fatah is a Policy Officer for whistleblowing charity Protect, where she worked for two years as an adviser on the free whistleblowers legal Advice Line before moving into the policy team. Laura has co-authored the recent publication “Principles for Recommended Practice – Better Regulators Guide”, which outlines six principles those in regulation should consider in order to maximise whistleblowing intelligence and ensure those raising concerns are valued.

“WhistleblowersUK are pleased to support this event because whistleblowers are the vital element of a transparent society. Whistleblowing is a global issue as highlighted by COVID-19 and requires a global solution. Events like this, bringing together international thought leaders from academia, industry and politicians are essential to developing effective mechanisms and supporting legislation, including the introduction an independent Office of the Whistleblower to help to make the world a safer place.”

Georgina Halford-Hall, CEO Whistleblowers UK

The presentations

Below are the recordings of the presentation from each speaker, and the panel discussion at the end. We are always happy to receive feedback so we can improve and develop our future academic events. Please feel free to leave feedback using this dedicated form (opens in a new tab).

Ian Foxley


Baroness Kramer

Opening remarks

Kevin Hollinrake MP and parliamentarians’ Q&A

Whistleblowers go where regulators cannot reach

Prof Emanuela Ceva

Whistleblowing as an answerability practice

Dr Lorenzo Pasculli

Corporate Ethos and Whistleblowing: Whistles Unblown, Whistles Unheard

James Killen

Moral Injury as an unspoken element of whistleblowing

Ian Foxley

The Whistleblower Dilemma: why don’t more good people speak up about bad things?

Expert Panel and Open Discussion

Chaired by Ian Foxley, the panel included:

Baroness Kramer, Prof John Blenkinsopp, Prof Emanuela Ceva, Laura Fatah, Prof Marianna Fotaki, Prof Kate Kenny, Dr Lorenzo Pasculli, and Prof Iain Munro.